How do I use Quick Cleanup to clean unnecessary files in Mac Optimizer?

Quick Cleanup is a set of four tools to easily gain back lost drive space on your Mac. Quick Cleanup contains the following four cleanup methods:

  • Binaries Cleanup. This removes unneeded parts of applications.
  • Language Cleanup. This removes languages you neither want nor need from your Mac.
  • Cache Cleanup. This removes unnecessary system and user cache files.
  • Logs Cleanup. This gets rid of system and user log files.

To use Quick Cleanup:

    • Launch WinZip Mac Optimizer.
    • Click Quick Cleanup.
    • Click Start Scan.


Mac Optimizer will now scan the different areas of your Mac:


    • You should then see the Cleanup scan results for your Mac. Note the Total Junk Size that you’ll be recovering.
    • Click Remove Selected to clean the selected areas of your Mac.


You have successfully cleaned the junk files off your Mac!

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