Why should I use Install Protector?

Install Protector has 2 key functions, each of which has significant benefit on it’s own, or in combination with the other.

Toolbar removal and protection
Have you ever had the experience where, after you download something from the internet, the next time you launch your web browser, something doesn’t look quite right. There are some new icons in your navigation bar, or a new search field. Sometimes, even your home page or search engine has changed. All of this is often a result of installed toolbars that have been installed in your browser. Install Protector will scan your browsers for installed toolbars and, if it exists, provide recommendations based on what other people have done when they’ve seen these toolbars. Install Protector will also alert you when something is trying to change your browser settings and allow you to revert any changes made.

Potentially Unwanted Product (PUP) protection
Have you ever installed a software application, or run an update of an existing application, only to be bombarded with the launching of a bunch of applications that you have no idea where they came from? These are known as Potentially Unwanted Products or PUPs. Install Protector monitors your system for any application that is being installed, and will alert you when something has been installed. When you are alerted, you have the option to either keep the installation or remove it.

Install Protector will keep you safe online and ensure you don’t pick up any unwanted items when you’re downloading or updating software.

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